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唇部 Lips
唇膏 lip colour
唇彩 lip gross
护唇膏 lip balm
眼部 Eyes
眼影 eye shadow
睫毛膏 mascara
眼线 eye liner
眉笔/眉粉 eyesbrow
脸部 Face
隔离霜 makeup base
粉底液 foundation
粉饼 face powder
蜜粉 loose powder
遮瑕修容 concealer
胭脂 blush
手部 Hands
指甲油 nail polish
洗甲水polish remover
化妆工具makeup tools
 唇部 Lips
恒润唇膏 EverMoist Lip Conditioner

抗氧化兼具保湿, 天然滋养,水感恒润


Spec:  It is smooth, exquisite, moistened, with natural and nourishing ingredients that retard oxidation. It is also very effective in keeping one’s lips moistened and thus the shinning effects of various make-up are pushed to their utmost. The charming light on a lady’s face radiates at all times after the application of it.


CM-PY 006     色号:24个      净含量:3.2g     零售价:108元

虹彩魅影唇膏 GlamourColour Lip Rouge


说明:膏体柔滑,色泽鲜亮,巧妙遮盖唇纹, 含滋润保湿因子,持久滋养唇部皮肤,塑造娇嫩、水亮的双唇。

Spec: Smoothing and brilliant complex ingeniously cover lip lines. Enriched hydrating factor provides long-lasting nourishment that shows the lips alluring and water-shining.


CM-PY 010     色号:8个      净含量:3g       零售价:98元

唇线笔 Lip Pencil



Spec:This lip pencil is easy to apply and can smoothly cover the whole surface while increasing its contour.  Yet outlines a perfect lip contour.


CM-PY 003     色号:9个      净含量:2g       零售价:28元

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